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Issue with PayPal shipping label printing

The eBay Canada team is aware of issues with shipping label printing on the PayPal platform:

PayPal recently introduced a new step in the shipping label printing flow that requires sellers to sign up for a new Canada Post account or link an existing account to their PayPal account. Once the accounts are linked, it appears that eBay sellers no longer have access to the same shipping services and rates that are provided with an eBay account.

The above changes occur when sellers initiate the shipping label printing process, either through the “Print shipping label” link on eBay, or by going directly to the PayPal platform.

We are currently working with PayPal to resolve this issue, and will provide status updates as we get them. Unfortunately, in the interim, sellers will not be able to access the full list of eBay rates and shipping services they normally receive when printing shipping labels on PayPal.  

For those who are seeking an alternative, several sellers have reported that Canada Post’s Snap Ship service is currently offering competitive rates and services.
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