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2017 Summer Seller Update

In the 2017 Summer Seller Update, we’re making changes to help you increase your sales by creating a better experience for buyers. Plus, changes exclusive to eBay Canada aimed at improving the success of Canadian sellers.

eBay Canada Limited

We’re changing the contracting party for Canadian residents and businesses.

Features and Investments

New features and investments aimed at improving the success of Canadian sellers.

Shippo Shipping Labels

Introducing Shippo, a new shipping label platform for

Listing Policy Updates

Enhancements to ensure compliance and improve performance.


Simplifying returns and increasing exposure of listings with buyer-friendly returns.

International Performance Standards

Updates to more accurately reflect sellers’ sales and performance.

Category and Classification

Updates to categories and item specifics to improve user experience.

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As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

Russ Patterson
COO & Director of Product Management, eBay Canada

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