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Books, Music, Movies and Video Game Sellers: We’ve increased the maximum allowable shipping costs on

For many years now, sellers of books, music, movies and video games have been subject to maximum permitted shipping costs when listing on

Based on US shipping rates, these limits have been historically challenging for Canadian sellers, who typically face much higher shipping costs on media items.

To make it easier for Canadians and other non-US sellers to list in these categories, the maximum allowable shipping costs in the Books, Music, Movies and Video Games categories have been increased significantly.

Books, Music, Movies and Video Games are the only categories that are subject to shipping cost limits. There are no shipping cost limits in place on

With these changes in mind, we encourage all sellers to remain competitive with their shipping costs. Offering buyers a low shipping cost – or even free shipping – is a great strategy for attracting more potential buyers and generating more sales.

Learn more about maximum shipping costs.

Maximum shipping costs by category

The table below shows the maximum shipping costs for the Books, DVDs & Movies, Music, and Video Games categories on

Subcategory Description maximum shipping cost
Accessories Address Books US$20.00
Blank Diaries & Journals US$20.00
Book Covers US$20.00
Book Plates US$20.00
Bookmarks US$25.00
Other US$20.00
Antiquarian & Collectible Antiquarian & Collectible US$25.00
Audiobooks Audiobooks US$20.00
Catalogs Catalogs US$30.00
Children’s Books Children’s Books US$20.00
Cookbooks Cookbooks US$20.00
Fiction Books Fiction Books US$20.00
Magazine Back Issues Magazine Back Issues US$25.00
Nonfiction Books Nonfiction Books US$20.00
Other Other US$20.00
Textbooks, Education Textbooks, Education US$20.00
Wholesale & Bulk Lots Audiobooks US$35.00
Books > Up to 5 Items US$20.00
Books > 6-10 Items US$25.00
Books > 11-50 Items US$30.00
Books > 51-100 Items US$35.00
Books > 101-500 Items US$40.00
Books > More than 500 Items US$45.00
Magazines US$35.00
Other US$35.00
DVDs & Movies
Subcategory Description maximum shipping cost
DVD & Blu-ray Discs DVD & Blu-ray Discs US$20.00
Film Film US$40.00
Laserdisc Laserdisc US$25.00
Other Formats Other Formats US$20.00
UMD UMD US$20.00
VHS VHS US$30.00
Wholesale Lots Other US$45.00


Subcategory Description maximum shipping cost
Storage & Media Accessories Storage & Media Accessories US$25.00
Cassettes Cassettes US$25.00
CDs CDs US$25.00
Other Formats Other Formats US$25.00
Records Records US$40.00
Wholesale Lots Cassettes US$40.00
Other Formats US$40.00
Video Games
Subcategory Description maximum shipping cost
Video Games Video Games US$20.00
Consoles Video Game Console US$50.00
Accessories Accessory Bundles US$40.00
Batteries US$20.00
Cables & adapters US$20.00
Bags, Skins & Travel Cases US$25.00
Chargers & Charging Docks US$25.00
Controllers & Attachments US$25.00
Cooling Devices US$25.00
Faceplates, Decals & Stickers US$25.00
Hard Drives US$25.00
Headsets US$25.00
Keyboards & Keypads US$25.00
Memory Cards & Expansion Pack US$20.00
Motion Sensors & Cameras US$25.00
Screen Protectors US$20.00
Styluses US$20.00
Other Accessories US$25.00
Games & Consoles Other US$20.00
Consoles Other US$50.00
Wholesale Lots Accessories US$40.00
Console Systems US$50.00
Games US$40.00
Other US$40.00

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