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US Dollar Retirement Update

Earlier this year, we announced plans to move to a single CAD listing currency on Since June 14th, all new listings created on have been in Canadian dollars, and sellers have been working hard to convert their USD listings to CAD, or to migrate their listings to

We also announced that beginning on August 3rd, all remaining US dollar Good ‘Til Cancelled listings created on would be ended as they hit their renewal dates.

Due to a technical issue, the Good ‘Til Cancelled phase of the project has been temporarily delayed. We’ll provide an update once the issue has been resolved.

Sellers with impacted Good ‘Til Cancelled listings should continue to convert or migrate their listings. We have an eBay Migration tool available to help you with the process.

Once we begin the process, all ended Good ‘Til Cancelled listings will remain in sellers’ ended listings in My eBay and Selling Manager. As you relist them, you’ll need to change the listing currency to Canadian dollars, or else recreate the listing on

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