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Canadian sellers: New US customs regulations come into effect today

Selling to US buyers just got easier.

As of today, the United States has increased their de minimis threshold from US$200 to US$800. In practice, this means that goods shipped by Canadians to US buyers will only be assessed for duties if their value exceeds US$800.

This change should make Canadian exporters on eBay even more competitive: Canadian inventory does well in the US and now a key barrier for US buyers has been lifted. Canadian sellers who have previously shied away from listing high-value items should re-consider these decisions in light of this de minimis increase.

The threshold change is due to the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, which President Obama signed into law in late February. eBay actively supported this legislation and we’re pleased to see it finally come into effect – it will be a huge benefit for international sellers who ship to the US. (Learn more.)

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