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Background on the USD Listing Change on

Hello, Canadian eBay seller community. My name is Andrea Stairs, and I’m the Managing Director of eBay Canada. Today, we announced our plan to end US dollar (USD) listing currency support on, and I wanted to take this opportunity give you some context on what went into making this decision. I’ve been with eBay […]

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Filed in: CAD, General Announcements sellers: Now’s the time to list in Canadian dollars

Since launch, has allowed sellers to select their listing currency – US dollars (USD) or Canadian dollars (CAD) – but starting this spring, (CAD) will become the sole listing currency on Starting June 14th, sellers will need to use CAD when listing or relisting on All remaining USD listings on (including Good […]

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Canadian sellers: New US customs regulations come into effect today

Selling to US buyers just got easier. As of today, the United States has increased their de minimis threshold from US$200 to US$800. In practice, this means that goods shipped by Canadians to US buyers will only be assessed for duties if their value exceeds US$800. This change should make Canadian exporters on eBay even […]

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